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Steve Norris
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Steering actuator

Post by Steve Norris »

I have just been trying to install the steering linear actuator and cannot get the steering into a straight ahead position.
I first connected the actuator to a receiver and powered it to its mid travel position, then attempted to connect it to the steering arm.
I found that the actuator was about 1/4 inch to long. Has anyone else had this problem and what was the cure.

Phil Woollard
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Re: Steering actuator

Post by Phil Woollard »

Hi Steve, I have not had that problem to that degree, maybe a few mm out. You could try repositioning the steering arm by rotating the track rod, this may point the steering in the wrong direction though, more drastic would be to heat the steering arm and reset to your required position (keep a record of the original angle in case you need to put it back ).
The actuator is self centering so that should always be at the mid point, check you TX settings, you may be able to move the center point to where you want it that way.
Maybe post a photo, you can email me if you would rather.
Regards Phil
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florian rudolf
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Re: Steering actuator

Post by florian rudolf »

Hello Steve, I did not have the problem either. the actuator always automatically returns to the 0 position. fine adjustment must then be done with the controler. check out your controler settings. Maybe you'll get a picture of the complete steering setup.

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