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Andy Thompson
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I’m wanting a driver figure for my car, but all the ones on line seem to be military or movie characters. I don’t really want the terminator driving my car so does anyone have any tips on where to get a good civilian figure?

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Adrian Harris
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Re: Driver

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You can find James Bond figures on eBay and have a look at for civilian clothing.

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Philip Capel
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Re: Driver

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Yes is not easy to find but there are some good caracter you can use. This will be my driver :

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Charles A Stewart
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Re: Driver

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Nice video Philip, honest I am not copying you, I acquired a leather jerkin last week. I think the way forward Andy is bits and pieces as they turn up. Sounds a bit risque, but I may have to buy a naked figure and add the necessary accoutrements.

I did think about a Dr Who character as I have two useless Cyber-men and a Dalek, goodness knows where that will fit.

Did Dr. Who ever drive a Series 1 or later type vehicle, just a thought?


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Kevin Hunter
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Re: Driver

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Funny you should ask Charles…….

“UNIT used them in many operations as one of their main means of travel. The Second Doctor drove a Land Rover during a Cyberman invasion.”


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