Series 1 available again end Nov 2023

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Series 1 available again end Nov 2023

Post by Armortek »

Following on from our very successful first run of the Series 1 car we put a second run into production - running in parallel with the tail end of the Tiger 1 and the start of the Leopard 2 production.

We had anticipated that the car would be popular with modellers, so we actually over ordered on wheels and tyres the first time around.

We are now very pleased to announce that production of the second series 1 run is complete and we will start boxing up by the end of this week. Those of you on the waiting list should have been contacted by now and shipping will commence before the end of November.

If you would like to order your Series 1 as a Christmas present to yourself then let us know at


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Re: Series 1 available again end Nov 2023

Post by Charles A Stewart »


More of them. :shock:

Good grief, you'll be quids in when you do a Series 2 & 3 (4x4) :wink: :wink:

Take care.

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