Simon's Famo saga.

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Robert E Morey
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Re: Simon's Famo saga.

Post by Robert E Morey »

Lots of grinding on those wheels - but they sure look spectacular! Nice job!

Phil Woollard
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Re: Simon's Famo saga.

Post by Phil Woollard »

I feel for you Simon but the end results look great!
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florian rudolf
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Re: Simon's Famo saga.

Post by florian rudolf »

I feel with you too.
Lots of work on the Wheels and fenders, but the result is perfect!!!
Well done, go forward... 8)

Oliver Brüninghaus
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Re: Simon's Famo saga.

Post by Oliver Brüninghaus »

per aspera ad astra :!: :!:
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Derek Attree
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Re: Simon's Famo saga.

Post by Derek Attree »

Hi Simon
Good job on the wheels and fenders .
I really must get back on mine it stalled as been finishing the Ferdinand .

Regards Derek
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Re: Simon's Famo saga.

Post by simon_manning »

The Famo build had stalled, but i'm back at it now, dismantling the vehicle to prime and adjust the suspension, i have finally put the 7 away after adding some more stowage, just the fabric Bonnet/ engine band to add, regards simon.

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