Elefant re-released or original 2017?

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neil graham
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Elefant re-released or original 2017?

Post by neil graham »

I have just started my Tiger (my first kit) but my second favourite tank would be the Elefant for sure.

Noob question: has Amortek re-released it? It is currently available but it seems that the kits in this forum are from 2017.

I am going to assume that I can hope against hope and I might be able to still buy one when (if!) I finish the Tiger...assuming I can still afford it of course

Derek Attree
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Re: Elefant re-released or original 2017?

Post by Derek Attree »

Hi Neil
It's only been released once as far as I know.

I have built one and its a lovely kit to build

Regards Derek
we must stop making stupid predictions

bryan massie
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Re: Elefant re-released or original 2017?

Post by bryan massie »

Hi Neil / Derek

I agree, loved building the Elefant, far less complicated than the Tiger, thinking of selling now as it just sits there taking up space, its the actual 001 number so quite special !!, you could strip it Neil and make it your own !!



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