The reality of scale, and power of the L71.

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The reality of scale, and power of the L71.

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Morning all,

I recently purchased a couple of the Pig Model 1/1 scale rounds, one for a Tiger 1, and one for a Tiger II. I knew the King Tiger's etc's L71 8.8cm gun was powerful, and I had of course read accounts of the ranges at which it could dispatch enemy armour.

What I didn't realise, until I opened the boxes and initially assembled the rounds, is how absolutely massive the L71's APCBC HE rounds are. The propellant charge is HUGE compared to the Tiger 1.

Picture attached employing Lucas, my 20 month old son (who is a big lad in his own right) for scale. He loves the round and has been carrying it around the house, thinking it's a rocket for the last half hour.

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Quicquid agas age

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