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Leo option packs

Post by Armortek »

We should be able to start shipments of the Leo option packs towards the end of June.

It is likely that we will offer a light pack for the headlights and the rear lights but we will not offer indicator lights.

The recoil option pack will also not be available for a couple of months as we have a new recoil mechanism and the electronics for those are custom made - we have finalised the design and sent the order to the supplier, but it will take 6 weeks for them to source the components, assemble the cards and then once we receive them we need to load the firmware and test them again.

The new recoil mechanism uses a stepper motor and rack gear setup. The gun is set up to recoil fast and recover slower. The led will flash during the recoil phase but not during the recovery phase. The electronics will also allow us to provide a gun smoke option which has been in development since 2018 but we never seem to find the time to move it from the bench to a production version!

By the end of this year the plan is to replace all the servo operated recoil systems with this new set up - but that depends on the space in the model as the stepper motor is bulky and development on this front has not started yet. We will first incorporate the new recoil into the Leo and then into the Pershing.

Those of you at Militracks would have seen the new recoil system in action on the Leo.

So to summarise - Motion, Sound, Smoke and Lights will be available by end June. Recoil in approx 2 months.

Vince Cutajar
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Re: Leo option packs

Post by Vince Cutajar »

Looking forward to see the new recoil.


Nick Chiocchio
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Re: Leo option packs

Post by Nick Chiocchio »

I'm definitely interested in a recoil option for the Pershing. Can't wait!
Nick C.

Wael Hazin
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Re: Leo option packs

Post by Wael Hazin »

Hi Kian,

I haven’t installed my Pershing coil and just received it, any chance I can return it for the new setup?

Rolf Mönke
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Re: Leo option packs

Post by Rolf Mönke »

When will the motion pack, sound, smoke be delivered?
Greetings from Hamburg



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Re: Leo option packs

Post by Chang »

Ordering mails sent.
Es braust unser Panzer im Sturmwind dahin.....

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