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Mark Heaps
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Re: Armorteks next model

Post by Mark Heaps »

I am not sure that the Challenger 2 would sell well at this time, I do not think the customer base is there yet and will not be for a few years to come.( requires those who only served on Chally 2 reaching full pensionable age )
Armortek were unsure about producing Chieftain until enough of us put our money where our mouth is and comitted to purchasing one if it was made.
It will be the Challenger 1 generation of crews that now have the spare money to afford one of these kits and although they may have served on Challenger 2 late on in their careers, I think they would want the Challenger 1 over the Challenger 2, the same way those who started on Chieftain then went on to Chally 1 would want a Chiefy first then a Chally 1.

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Brian Ostlind
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Re: Armorteks next model

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Tim Carr
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Re: Armorteks next model

Post by Tim Carr »

I'll bet on the Flak 88.

I was looking at that Der Strabokran book yesterday. LOL

Later Tim
Tampa Bay, Fla area USA.

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