Option packs stock update

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Option packs stock update

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For all those waiting on option packs - thank you for your patience.

Since the start of the year we have been struggling with a couple of our suppliers in both the US and the UK who have been unable to delivery parts to us - either in a timely manner or in the quantities that we require to then build our option packs. It is especially frustrating when promised delivery dates get missed and I am sure everyone can relate to that!

This has meant that we have had to find new suppliers, test out their products and integrate them into our option packs. This also requires an update of all the option pack manuals. Whilst all this may seem trivial, those of you that know Armortek know that we are a small team and there are only so many hours in a day.

The good news is that parts are in stock and we have secured long terms supplies. We started shipping out option packs again last week and will make our way through the waiting list that we have.

Thanks again for your patience on this.

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